About The WordPress Networks

An Introduction to the USNAAA Website Networks

WordPress is easy! – a very intuitive website interface that can provide your class, chapter or parent club a face on the internet.

What the WordPress Network will not do for your Chapter, Class or Parent Club

  • Manage chapter or parent club membership dues and rosters
  • Event registration – but you can easilylink to USNA.com or other third party event management providers like 1-2-3 signup, Eventbrite, PayPal, etc.
  • Merchandising
  • Provide a discussion class, chapter or parent club discussion blog – but you may link to those on Facebook, Linked in or other social media sites.

What the WordPress Network Can Be for Your Class, Chapter or Parent Club

  • Allow for multiple site administrators, editors, authors to your site admin team to share communications responsibilities.
  • Update your chapter, class or parent club website from any device, including iPhones and Androids and tablets, from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.
  • An “out of box” ready website, or you can start from scratch or import another site.
  • I website styled identical to USNA.com providing instant recognition as being an.  Or yo can customize your site with many choices of WordPress themes.
  • Near 100% uptime.  Password reset/recovery without calling the alumni association staff.
  • Your website is FREE, no need to register your own domain, No worries to keep your domain registration current, no need to find website hosting.  All site platform maintenance, improvements and updating is done by a volunteer team of site constituents.
  • Easily link to other sites for membership registrations, events.



Easy Transition

Your chapter, class or parent club can transition to the new network while maintaining your existing or legacy website active until you are ready to make the switch.  The steps required to get your site up and running can be done in less than 15 minutes.   The WordPress user interface is logical and easy to navigate with no previous WordPress experience.  Instructions specific to maintaining your site on our networks are here as shown in the left-side menu.

Once you make the switch, you should regain your SEO within a few days.

If you want a WordPress based website for your chapter, class or parent club, let’s get started.