Some Basic How Tos

How do I…..?

In the “primary menu” to the left, you can see a myriad of “how-to” topics about updating and maintaining your site.

Some WordPress Basics

Pages are for static website information — stuff that is not date sensitive or change frequently, such as a description of the capture, the listing of chapter leadership, the bylaws, etc.

Posts are for dynamic information, such as news and events that are date/time sensitive.

Widgets are preprogrammed devices that provide some function to add information into your site.  Widgets can be placed in the side columns on posts and pages as set up in the theme.

NOTE: The WYSIWYG editor does not default to display all the options available to you.  To see all editing window toolbar features, click on the Toolbar Toggle button  in the editor toolbar.

1-2 or 3 Columns?  Select the template for the page under Page Attributes

The <h1> Header.  On static pages the Content Header is not automatic (unlike Posts where the Content Header is generated by the theme).  If you want to have a content header, just hightlight the text and style the text as “Heading 1” in the toolbar.

The Menu Location.  If the new static page is to be included in the left-side site menu, set the parent to link to the desired parent page.  You will also need to add the page to the appropriate menus in the menu administration page.  From the dashboard, hover on Appearance, then click on Menus.  Select the menu where the page is to be linked, add the page, slide the page into the right order and save the menu.

The page Featured Image.  This is is the image included in the page header.  In the page editor, ‘set featured image’ to display a photo in the media library appropriate for the page or post. Upload new images to the media library if desired.  Displayed images are 640 x 149 pixels. Smaller images will not fill area.  Larger images will be cropped to the upper left-hand corner.

On the Page of the recent posts (home.php) the Featured Image will be the Featured Image of the most recent post.

If you want a new page to appear in and of your menus, you may need to add them.  See How to Add Pages or Links to Menus to do add to the menus.

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