Move WordPress Pages to MyUSNA

There currently is not a direct import tool, but thanks to Group Tabs on MyUSNA, copy and paste from your current site works very well. MyUSNA also has a new editor which might work, but trials have worked well using the MyUSNA Classic Editor.


Group Tabs” is your WordPress friend at

When you add a Group Tab on MyUSNA, you are adding what is a Page in WordPress.

When you create an Event, News, or create a Live Feed posting at MyUSNA, you are adding what is a Post in WordPress.

Once you have created your group tabs at, you can arrange them in a drag and drop manner just as you edit menus and sub-menus in WordPress.

Basic repetitive steps to copy from WordPress to MyUSNA

  • Create a blank Group Tab, then use the Classic Editor
  • Open the page on your WordPress site you want to copy
  • Highlight and Copy the WordPress text and graphics
  • Paste the text and graphics (see note later about graphics) into the blank group tab you just created
  • Save the Group Tab

When saved, the group tab should return you to index of group tabs where you can create more Group Tabs or organize your Group menus by dragging the individual tabs to where you want them appear on the Group front page.


Add a new blank Group Tab

  1.  If not already in admin mode, from your group front page, click on the Manage Group button to enter the admin mode.
  2. Click on Group tabs.
  3. Now on the Custom Tabs page, click on the top-right blue Add a tab button, give your tab a name, and save.  Your new tab will show at the bottom of the Custom Tabs page.

Edit your new page

  1. On the right side of your net custom tab, click on Edit then on the top Design tab then opt for Classic editor.
  2. Do a copy from your WordPress site and paste into the classic editor. You should see the page status briefly in either red [Saving…] or green [Successfully saved].

Note about Images: Any images copied will not be automatically uploaded to the Hivebrite server, instead, your page will refer to the URL of the image on your WordPress site.  To have the images saved on the server, you will need to manually upload the image in the classic editor.

If you didn’t already edit page visibility, click back to the General tab, otherwise, the page is in place.  In the page banner, click on Menu to return to the Custom Tabs page.

Organize your Tabs

On the custom tabs page, hover over the to drag each tab up/down or right to convert into sub-tab.

Final Steps

Once you have fully implemented your Class/Chapter/Parent club site at MyUSNA:

  • On your WordPress site Dashboard, click on Settings and then Reading and check the box for Discourage search engines from indexing this site
  •  Change your home page to state that you have moved and refer to
  • Advise your siteadmin to update your website index at