The Newsletter Plugin

The Newsletter Plugin will allow you to send HTML based emails to your list of subscribers


  • Once setup, your Email blasts to your subscribers can look really good.
  • Sending is as easy as copying the last newsletter and changing the text and any desired graphics
  • You can send to only dues paid members
  • You can setup to send only to parents of certain classes

Potential Downsides:

  • Emails only go to subscribers and not all parents in the zipcode catchment area
  • Members must subscribe via a subscribe page or be manually entered into the subscription list, no auto enrollment for site subscribers.
  • If Postman SMTP plug-in is installed, your ISP may limit the number of emails you send.  For google mail, this is 2000 emails per 24 hours as of this update.

Installing the Newsletter plugin will add the Newsletter menu item to your dashboard from which you administer your newsletters and subscribers.

You will need to create a page for subscriptions.  We recommend that this subscription page be behind a password or log-in so that you will not have random spammers subscribing to your newsletter.

The Dashboard administration menu has links to instructional videos.