Add New Users

Adding New Users to your Website

Want to share the responsibilities for maintaining site content current?  WordPress allows you to add new USERS to your subdomain, allowing them the same or limited access to your site administration.

Note: It is far preferable add new users vice sharing your log in information.  WordPress tracks revisions and who has made which mods to your website pages.

Steps to Add a New User


  • Links provided to new users to confirm access to the site expire in 72 hours
  • Network usernames can contain only lower case a-z and numbers 0-9, no punctuation, dashes or other characters allowed.

How To:

  • While logged in as admin, in the top admin bar, mouse over new then in the pull-down menu click on user
  • Scroll down lower in the page to add-new-user (unless the user is already registered at another site on the network)
  • Fill in Username and Email.  Note: Only lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers are allowed.  At least one character must be a letter.
  • Assign a User Role (see below)
  • Click on add-new-user-button

Summary of Roles

  • Administrator – somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site.
  • Editor – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
  • Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
  • Contributor – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.
  • Subscriber – somebody who can only manage their profile.

What if a new user doesn’t receive the email?

Keys to new users are emailed immediately (measured in milliseconds) to the new users when their accounts are properly setup.  If no email is ever received. or the email is lost or accidentally deleted, new users can still log in by accessing the log-in page, then clicking on “Lost Your Password?” link below the log-in box.