Change out the Logo

Changing out the Logo

WordPress can crop, re-size and proportion your logo image for you.  Alternatively, you can edit your logo file in a graphix program and set the initial size to 120px x 120px.

From the Dashboard, mouse over appearance then click on header

The Theme Customizer will appear, click on add-new-image to enter the Media Library.  If your logo is not yet in the library, use the upload-files tab to get to the file uploader.  Once you select your logo in the media library, you will get to the cropping page.  If your logo fit perfectly in the crop box, you can skip cropping, otherwise, move the edges of teh cropping tool to outline yur entire logo, then crop.

Best Practices

If you are really good a graphics and if your logo is monochrome, your logo will look better if you set the color to hexadecimal #1A2B43.

The background of the logo should be transparent or white (#FFFFFF)

If you don’t have a logo, you can blank out the default logo with this blank white image in the media library:

Blank-White-120px by 120px

Blank-White-120px by 120px