PayPal Buttons

Adding PayPal buttons to your site to collect donations or buy whatever is easy.  You will need to follow some very basic steps in the PayPal tools at The PayPal tool will create some HTML code that you just copy and paste into your page.

Note:  You must switch your page editing screen from the Visual editor to the Text editor to insert the PayPal html code, otherwise your page will display the code, not buttons.

PayPal will save your buttons to your PayPal account so that you can go back and edit or copy them.


In Step 1: When creating your donate button on the PayPal tools, you may have the option to use your merchant account number, then robots won’t be able to mine your treasurer email account out of the code.

Merchant account IDs Learn more

In Step 3: Customize advanced features (optional) of the PayPal button tool, you can enter the URL addresses to return donors to your “thank you” page on your site after their donation has been processed or return then to a page on your site if they cancel the PayPal transaction.

When you paste the code into the Text Editor, you can strip out the line feeds at the end of every line in the HTML code provided by PayPal.  If you don’t, your button will appear 11 lines lower on the page than you expect.

Note: One site reported that the Text editor strips out part of the HTML code provided by PalPay for the button. We’re still investigating how this is happening.  It only happened by one admin, others were able to properly enter the code.