Super Admins

The WordPress Networks have been developed by a coalition of class, chapter and parent volunteers.  Please Note: The USNA Alumni Assn is not staffed to handle technical questions about these websites.  The staff can shoot out the initial set of keys, and once your site is good to go public, update other references to your site on, Shipmate, and elsewhere.  For technical questions for which there isn’t yet an answer on this site, one of the WordPress team volunteers will get back to you.

Superadmins for the network sites are (to Contact the super admins using the contact forms, the contact page password is the name of the goat, four letters all in lowercase letters.

Site Who Joe Fagan, Steve Hall ’75 Contact Wendy Owen, Steve Hall ’75 Contact Karen Hurst (parent 17) Contact
This Site Steve Hall ’75 Contact


Super Admins” have total control over the network installation, including:

Sites – add new, delete and edit aspect of the individual site including:

  • Info: change site subdomain name (useful when moving a site to a Temporary network subdomain name)
  • Users: add existing users and assign role (admin, subscriber) and add new users and assign role for the site
  • Themes: enable themes for the site not Network enabled
  • Settings: subdomain url (dangerous to edit), site title (aka blogname), Tagline(aka blog description), admin email, etc.

Users – add new (meaningless to add from Network administration as user gets no password nor site access) and edit user info

Themes – add new from, activate for entire network, delete

Plug-ins – add new from, activate for entire network, delete

Additionally, super admins can access every site on the Network as a site admin