TablePress Plugin

Adding Tables Easily

The TablePress plugin helps you embed beautiful and feature-rich tables into your posts and pages without having to write any HTML code.  You can create page, post or text widget, then insert a table by copying its “Shortcode,” similar to [table “” not found /]
where is the table number, and pasting it at the desired place in the Visual editor.

Table cell entries are inserted in the easy to use TablePress interface.  You can even import the table from an .xls, .csv or other common spreadsheet formats.

Styling Tables in the USNAAA CCC&G Theme Style

TablePress has its own styling that will override the USNAAA CCC&G theme styles.  To have your tables match the theme style, load these “Custom CSS” commands to influence the table styling (under “plugin options” tab):

.tablepress {width: auto;margin: 0 auto 1em;}
.tablepress thead th {color:#d7b51d;background-color: #1a2945;}
.tablepress .odd td,
.tablepress .odd td a {color: #eeeeee;background-color:#212F45;}
.tablepress .odd td a:hover {color: #d7b51d;background-color:#212F45;}
.tablepress .even td {color: #2b415f;background-color:#eeeeee;}