Theme Menus

Setting up the USNAAA-cccg Theme Menus

When setting up the theme for the first time, four menus will need to be created and assigned to the theme menu positions:

  1. Top Left Tabs –
  2. Top Right Tabs –
  3. LeftSidebar Menu –
  4. Footer Social Media Links –

Menu items can link to an existing page or post OR link to an outside URL or link to your mail client.  Most of the menu operations are fairly straight forward EXCEPT the social media buttons in the footer.

To see all the available options for menu items, you will need to expose additional information on the menu admin page.  On the site Dashboard follow through to Appearance then click on Menus.  Then in the upper-right-hand corner of the editor, click on Screen Options to Show advanced menu properties that are enabled.


Setting up an Admin Log-In Tab

The Admin Log-In url for your website is  You can place an Admin Log-in onto and of the top or side menus.  (Log in is also included in the Meta Widget.)

From the Dashboard, follow though Appearance and click on Menus to arrive at the Appearance Menus Screen.  Select the menu on which to add the Log-In (such as Top-Tabs-Right).  Click the triangle to the right of “Custom Links,” delete the default “http://” and insert “/wp-admin”  and type “Admin Log-In” in the “Link Text” block then click “Add to Menu.”  The Log-In link will appear at the bottom of the menu structure.  Move it to the desired location in the menu if not already there.  Then click on Save Menu.


Setting up Social Media buttons in footer

Note: to follow these instructions, you must enable some “Screen Options” as discussed above on the Appearance Menus Screen.  Get to the Appearance Menus Screen from the dashboard by following through Appearance then clicking on Menus.  At the top right corner of the Appearance Menus Screen, click on “Screen Options.”  Under “Show advanced menu properties” ensure that the boxes in front of “Link Target” and “CSS Classes” are checked.

Icons pre-exist in the theme graphics for Facebook and Linked-In.  If there is a need for additional buttons, they can be added later.  Let a superadmin know the need.

On the Appearance Menus Screen “Edit Menus” tab, On the “select a menu to edit” select box, select “Social Media Buttons” (or if it doesn’t exist, click on “create a new menu”).

If no links exist, click the triangle to the right of “Custom Links”  Fill in the data as follows:

  • URL: Enter the URL of the target site
  • Navigation Label: enter an “X” Note: the “X” is a place holder, DO NOT PUT IN THE TRUE NAME OF THE LINK or you will mess up the footer spacing.
  • Click on “Add to Menu”

Under Menu Structure, click the triangle to the right of “Custom Link” to open the link options.  Enter “facebook-button” (all lowercase) in “CSS Classes” for Facebook, “linked-button” for Linked In.