How to Start All Over Again

How to Start All Over from Scratch

You might want to start all over again, in the case that you were just “playing around” with your new site and now you want to get serious about it.

Starting over is pretty easy, but do make things work, you need to be sure to totally remove all menus, pages and posts, including out of the trash.  If you don’t remove everything, you’ll end up with some hidden pages and posts that will haunt your setting up smart and simple URLS and you will have duplicate menus.

To wipe it all out…

You can follow the administration menus from your dashboard.  If you use direct links below, you will need to replace the subdomain with your own subdomain and the usnadomain with your network name.

1.  Delete all the menus.  Visit, then select each of the four menus and manually delete them. Delete Menu is at the bottom of the menu for each.  There is no trash for menus, so once they are gone, they are gone.

2.  Delete all the pages.  Visit http://subdomain.usnadomain.nett/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page, select all (the top selection box will select all on that page) and bulk  action “Move to Trash”

3.  Dump the pages in the trash out permanently.  After deleting all the pages, while still on the page, visit the trash and “Empty Trash” or “Delete Permanently” all the pages… or else they will stay in your database and really mess up the assignment of page names.

4. Delete all the posts, and empty out the post trash.  Just as with pages,  Delete and empty trash on all posts, visit

The current theme selected will remain your theme.

To put it back together..

To Preload your website with the boilerplate templates for classes, chapters or parent clubs, follow the instructions for setting up a new website.  Since your domain already exists, skip steps 2, 3 and 4.

Step 1 is just downloading the current site templates to your desktop.

Step 5 is uploading the site templates to your site

Steps 6-8 can be done in any order.