Setup Contact Form 7

Setting up Contact Form 7

This Plug-in is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Protect Personal Email Information (PII)


  • Protect PII
  • Route Emails to the appropriate contact based on subject
  • Super easy setup for basic form (a cut & Paste)
  • One of the most installed WordPress plug-ins – Lots of good documentation

Potential Hardspots:

  • Need to carefuly enter fields when setting up.

Contact Form 7 is a scary name for a fairly simple plug in that has a lot of utility, especially if you want visitors to your site to contact various members of your leadership team and not have to put PII directly on your site.

For an example of what a contact form generated by Contact For 7 can look like, click through to one of the contacts from the contact tab above.

Contact Form 7 is a commonly used WordPress plugin, and as such there is a lot of documentation available that can show you how to use the plug in.  Here is one instructional video.  You can find others.