Setup a “Redirect” page to

  1.  Create a new page “We’ve Moved.”
  2. Put instructions (sample below) on this page to provilde your chapter members the step-by-step instructions they will need to follow to join your chapter at
  3. Publish this new page.
  4. Delete all non-essential links in the Primary Menu.  Admins will still have access to all the existing pages and posts via the dashboard.
  5. In the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Reading then set your Your homepage displays to a static page, then in the pulldown selection set the Homepage as your newly created We’ve Moved page.
  6. Then while at Settings > Reading, scroll down to Search engine visibility and check the box for Discourage search engines from indexing this site then scroll down and click on the Save changes button.

That’s it!

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[sample instructions coming soon!]