Setup a “Redirect” page to

  1. Create a new page “We’ve Moved.” (Or optionally, you can just edit your current front page if you are using a static front page.  If your front page is currently set to posts, then probably easiest to create a new page.)
  2. You could just put a link to the new site, but it would be helpful so also include instructions to provide your chapter/class/club members the step-by-step instructions they will need to follow to join your chapter/club/group at
  3. Publish this new page.
  4. Delete all non-essential links in the Primary Menu.  Admins will still have access to all the existing pages and posts via the dashboard as archived, or you can delete this stuff, too, if no longer needed.
  5. In the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Reading then set your Your homepage displays to a static page, then in the pulldown selection set the Homepage as your newly created We’ve Moved page (or your static homepage if edited).
  6. Then while at Settings > Reading, scroll down to Search engine visibility and check the box for Discourage search engines from indexing this site then scroll down and click on the Save changes button.

That’s it!