Page Templates

Page Templates


There are three different Templates for Static Pages

Page-2-column (Default Template)

If you don’t select a Template under Page Attributes when you create or edit a page, the is the template that will be used by default.  On the left hand column, there is the Primary menu and a widget area below where you can add any widgets that you want to show up.  Widgets assigned to the Left Column will appear on all pages that display the column

Page Home (3 Col w/Foot)

If you select this template, a third “Right Hand Column” will appear.  This column will display all the widgets assigned to the Right Column.  This page is a 3-Column page.  Two widgets are assigned to the Right Column widget area:

  • A text widget with code to display a Facebook Like Box
  • The Latest Posts (stock Widget) customized with the title “Latest News & Events” and to display the last 6 posts.

Page Full Width

Missing the primary menu and left column widget area.