WordPress Hosted Elsewhere

Installing the Theme into an Existing WordPress Site

You can install the theme into any WordPress installation provided that you have permissions as an administrator on the site to add themes.  You can check from your site dashboard by clicking on Appearance then Themes.  If you have an “Add New” button to the right of the page title Themes, you can do this.

  1. Shoot the superadmin a note, as the theme package downloadable in the next step is not constantly maintained current as this is a rare event!
  2. Then Download the theme package to your computer.  Unzip the download if not automatically done.  You should have a file named usnaaa-cccg.zip and readme.txt.
  3. From your dashboard, go to your themes page by clicking on Appearance and then Ttemes
  4. Click on the Add New button
  5. Click on Upload Theme
  6. Click on Choose File and select the usna-cccg.zip file you just downloaded.
  7. Then click on Install Now.

Give the WordPress some time to upload, uncompress and put the file into the themes directory.  When WordPress has completed the install, return to your Themes page as above and Activate the usna-cccg theme.

Follow the instructions at Setting up the USNAAA-CCCG theme to complete the installation.