Contact Form 7 Now on All Sites

The very popular plug in Contact Form 7 has now been installed on all site.  This plug in allows for several great features:

Allow visitors to your site to contact appropriate people without disclosing any personal identifying information.  With a little more effort and skill, you can have emails routed to specific people based on selected subject lines.

This plugin will require a bit of manual setup.  Because this plug in is so popular, there is a lot of online documentation on how to implement it.


SMTP installed for Classes & Chapters

After considerable testing on our sandbox network, we’ve installed an SMTP plug-in on and  This plug-in should eliminate most instances of system generated emails going to SPAM.  With one exception, emails are now routed through the host email SMTP servers rather than spoofed and sent directly from the website. Unfortunately, emails to new users crated by individual subdomain sites are still sent as spoofed messages and are at risk for getting caught.  Password recovery and new site keys, however, should make it to your inbox.  We’ve provided feedback to the plug-in author and hopefully that minor issue will be fixed in a future plug-in revision.

9/21 Revisions to templates

Based on feedback from Angela ’85 ( I’ve updated:
  • added support for tables, they now have borders and the rows alternate colors
  • fixed an issue with photo alignment in posts and pages (added white space when aligning right or left)
  • added a box around the search field for the search widget
  • changed font sizes in the left side widgets to be more consistent
  • if not featured images is set, a random photo is shown vice the “how to set your featured image” details.
  • added white space above each widget
I’ve put the files into the theme folders on all sites EXCEPT parents and into the theme folder on our webspace.  I’ll let you know if I find that I’ve created an error somewhere else.