The USNAAA-cccg Theme

The USNAAA-cccg Theme

The USNAAA-cccg theme can be selected amongst a choice of many themes enabled for the USNAAA sites or may be uploaded to a WordPress installation on another host.

For sites hosted on the USAAAA networks, follow the instructions on setting up the USNAAA-cccg theme.

Some of the Theme Features

There are three templates for displaying static pages and two templates for displaying posts.

The Page templates

  • 2-Column (default) (index.php)
  • 3-Column (page-3-column.php)
  • Full Width (page-full-width.php)

The Post templates

  • single.php displays a single post
  • home.php displays a number of posts and can be assigned in the Reading Settings as the “Posts Page.”